Compliance Requirements can be assigned by:

  • Role, e.g. all Administrators
  • To individual Users, selected by name, 
  • Or a combination of the two. 

To assign a Requirement to your users click on Administration from the left hand menu, then Assignment, found under the Workforce Compliance section.

Here you will see all the requirements currently assigned. 

From this table you can see whether this requirement has been assigned by Role, and to which Roles it has been assigned...

...or by User, i.e. by selecting individual names, and the users to which it has been assigned. 

You can also see if a user has been Excluded from an assignment, for example, if you are assigning a Requirement by role, however one individual with the role does not need to complete the Requirement, you can choose to exclude them so that the Requirement is not assigned. 

Assigning a Requirement

To assign a requirement, click Manage Assignments from the top of the screen

Search for the Requirement Type(s) you want to assign using the list in the left hand box.

  • You can search/filter on the requirement name...

...or using the tags

Check the box next to the requirement you wish to assign.

Moving across to the two right hand panels, you now have the option to either assign by role, to assign by User, or to combine the two.

To assign the selected Requirement(s) to user by role, select the roles that you wish to include from the middle panel, and leave any that do not need the Requirement assigning blank.

You can either Save at this point, or you can choose to assign requirements to individual's by name. 

To do this, from the right panel, search for and select the names of the individuals that you wish to assign the requirements to. You can select multiple people at once.

Anyone who is left blank in this assignment screen (e.g. Joe bloggs in the above example), will not be assigned the requirement, unless the individual also has one of the roles being assigned the Requirement. 

Click Save to confirm the assignment. 

Excluding a User from an Assignment

If you are assigning a Requirement by role but have individuals with that role who do not need to be assigned the Requirement, you can choose to exclude them, so that the Requirement is not assigned. To do this, search for the user from the right hand user panel and check the Exclude box against the user. 

Click Save to confirm.

Once you are happy with how to assign Requirements by Role and User and how to Exclude Users if required, you can now combine these to together to effectively manage your Requirements.

In the below screenshot, we are:

  • Allocating a Requirement to a number of roles, including the role "Customer Support"
  • Choosing to include some individual users who fall outside of the selected roles, but who still need the be assigned the Requirement, i.e. Ellie Jordan, Jane Jones, John Smith and Mark Fewster.
  • As one of our users who has the role of "Customer Support" does not need to be assigned this Requirement,  we have Excluded him from the allocation by searching for his name in the User panel, and checking the Exclude box. 

Please note, this assignment screen will not show you the individual users with the selected roles. If you are unsure which users have what roles, you can view this from the main User list from the Admin dashboard.