The Radar App is designed to enable you to complete an audit offline. This means that before you can start your audit, you first need to download it and once you have finished answering the questions you will need to upload the audit back into Radar. 

Once an audit has been downloaded to the Radar App, it will be locked on the main Radar site until the audit has been uploaded again from the Radar App. 

The answers selected within the Radar App will not show in the main Radar site until this upload has taken place.

When viewing the My Audits page within the Radar App, you will be able to see all the audits that you have been assigned. 

The audits with a download symbol against them have not yet been downloaded to your App. 

Those audits with the status and progress percentage are currently downloaded to your App and can be completed offline. 

Those with a padlock have previously been downloaded, either to a different device, or to your device but then re-uploaded. 

To download an audit, simply select the audit from this list and click Yes when prompted to confirm the download. 

You will then receive a message to confirm once the audit has been successfully downloaded. 

You will now be able to click into this audit from the My Audits list page.