If you have assigned a Compliance Requirement to a user and wish to remove it you can do so by clicking on Administration from the left hand menu, then Assignment, found under the Workforce Compliance section.

Here you will see all the requirements currently assigned. 

From this table you can see whether this requirement has been assigned by Role, and to which Roles it has been assigned...

...or by User, i.e. by selecting individual names, and the users to which it has been assigned. 

Establishing how the Requirement was Assigned

Before you remove an requirement from a user, it is useful to first establish how it was assigned. 

If you are unsure whether the user has been assigned the requirement via their role or via individual assignment, from the Assignments screen, search for the Requirement and the Role using the filters at the top of the columns. 

In the below example, we can see that the Requirement "GDPR Training" has been assigned to all users with the role "Customer Support". 

If the user has not been assigned their Requirement via their role, then they will likely have been assigned the requirement individually. You can check this by searching for the Requirement and the User using the filters at the top of the columns.

In the below example, we can see that John Smith has been Included in an assignment of "GDPR Training" as an individual User.


Removing a Compliance Requirement

To remove a requirement from a user, select Manage Assignments from the top of the Assignments screen.

Search for the requirement you wish to remove from the user in the left hand panel. Select this requirement by checking the box. 

It will now display all the assignments for the selected Requirement by Role and individual User. If the Role or the User is selected with the green tick, then the Requirement has been assigned to either all users with those roles, or to all users listed as individuals. If user is marked with a red this indicates that the user has been excluded from the assignment and has not been assigned the requirement. 

Please note, this assignment screen will not show you the individual users with the selected roles (e.g. it will not show you all the users with the role Customer Support). If you are unsure which users have what roles, you can view this from the main User tile on your Admin dashboard. 

If the Requirement you wish to remove has been assigned via the Role, e.g. if the user in the below example has the role "Customer Support", you can exclude the user from the assignment by searching for the user from the right hand user panel and checking the Exclude box against the user. 

Alternatively if you wish to remove the assignment from the entire Role "Customer Support", you can do this by deselecting the role itself.

If the Requirement you wish to remove has been assigned to the User as an individual and not by role, then you can simply deselect them from the User list. 

Click Save to confirm all changes.