Scheduled tasks allow actions to be created that are automatically scheduled as per a set recurring interval.  Actions can be created, assigned, prioritised, given a due date and updated until closure.

To create a new scheduled task, click on the Scheduled Tasks menu item on the left hand menu.

Here you will see a list of all Scheduled Tasks currently active in your system.

To create a new task, click New scheduled task from the top of the screen. 

Enter the title and Description for the task. When entering the description, you can expand the text box by dragging the bottom right hand corner of the box to the size you require.

Continue to complete the form. The following information is required: 

  • Default priority – The priority that is set for the action
  • Category – The category of the scheduled task
  • Tags – Tags are used for filtering tasks
  • Due date – The first due date of the task
  • Pending period – The period before the due date that the task will be set to pending and appear on the user responsible's dashboard
  • Recurrence period – The period that the action will be set to re-occur
  • Automatic reschedule – The task will automatically reschedule using the previous due date (e.g. if this year's task is due on the 19th January 2019, next year's task will be due on the 19th January 2020, regardless of the completed date). 
  • Send email nofification - This will send the user assigned to the task a email alerting them to this
  • Required form – Assign a form to be completed as part of the scheduled task. If you do not see the option for a Required Form, this is because you do not yet have any forms available to use. You can create a new form via the Form Editor, please find useful guidance here:

Select Next to continue.

Select the Location(s) that will need to complete the task. If all Locations within the Organisation or a Region need to complete the task, select the Region or Organisation from the list and all Locations within will be selected.

Select Ok and Next to continue.

Select who at each location will be responsible for completing the task. If you would like them to be sent an email notification to advise that they have been assigned the scheduled task, check the box to the right hand side of their name. 

Once you have completed the form, click Complete.

The Scheduled Task will now be showing on your Scheduled Tasks list.