Please note, only the user who has been assigned the audit and who has been given the relevant permissions by their System Administrator will be able to edit the answers to the questions. 


Once all the audit questions have been answered and the first step in the audit has been marked as complete (the first of the three steps required to perform an audit: 1. answer the questions, 2. set the action plan, 3. authorise the audit), the answers can only be changed by selecting Edit audit at the top of the main summary screen.  

This will take the Audit back to step one, as can be seen in the Status section at the bottom of the screen, and you can once again go through the audit questions to enter your answers and upload any required evidence.  

If you did not complete the initial audit step (for example, if you are the Authoriser), then you will not be able to amend the audit question answers without first re-assigning the audit to yourself. You can do this by selecting the pencil icon next to the name of the user assigned the audit... 


...and selecting yourself from the resulting drop down list.

Please note: You can only reassign the auditor or authoriser if the audit has not yet been authorised. Once an audit has been authorised, only person to whom the steps were assigned to at the point the audit was authorised will be able to change the answers or re-authorise the audit. 

Once an audit has been edited, you will once again need to mark each of the three steps complete before the Audit as a whole will be marked as Complete. 

Any amends that have resulted in an Area for Improvement being revealed will require a new action to be created, however if no new actions are required, the Complete action plan button will appear as soon as the first step is marked as complete and all previously created actions will be retained. 

In order for the audit as a whole to be marked as Complete, the audit will need to be Authorised. This is the case for all audits, including those that have previously been authorised but have now been edited.