If you are looking to add a new event into Radar, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Building your event forms/workflow steps 

The first step in creating a new event is building the content. This is done using the Form Editor tool (please find the form editor guidance here)

Each step in your event is a separate form. When you are creating your forms, make sure you consider the following:

  • What information do you want to capture? This primarily comes back to what you need to be able to report on (N.B. Avoid duplicate field names, such as "If Other, please specify", as when you pull these fields into a report, you won't know what they relate to! Try something more like "If user affected is Other, please specify")
  • Who will be filling in the information? Make sure that you word the forms appropriately for the people using them.
  • Do you want to capture the information on one big form or split it down into smaller forms. Remember your users will be filling this in. Sometimes one big form can be off-putting, so consider breaking it down into sizable chunks where appropriate. The very first form that users complete doesn't by default have a Save for Later button, which means they need to complete it all in one go. Bear this in mind when building your forms. (You can request a Save for Later button if required).

Step 2 - Pulling your forms together into a Workflow

Once you have created your forms, they need to be linked together into a Workflow. This is done by us here at Radar and is not something that you can currently do yourself. 

In order for us to do this, please provide the following:

  1. The name of each form/workflow step (as it is saved in your Form Editor)
  2. The Role that each step needs to be assigned to (we can only assign based on Radar roles not based on names or emails)
  3. The due date/timescale within which each step must be completed (e.g. 2 working days from date event logged, or 4 working days from completion of previous step)
  4. When a step is triggered, do you want any email notifications to be sent to let the user know they are assigned a step in the event?
  5. Are there any forks in the workflow? I.e. do you need the event to take a different route depending on the answer in a form? For example, if the answer to the question "Is this a safeguarding event?" is Yes, you might want something like a Safeguarding Investigation form to be triggered, if the answer is No, this form could be skipped. 

We have provided a template in order for your to send this information through to us in a clear format. This template has been completed with example data to help you get started.