Yes, this is absolutely possible!

To do this, from within the relevant form in the Form Editor, simply follow the steps below:

  • Select the question that needs to be answered in a set way on your middle editing canvas (you can do this for other types of questions, not just Yes/No, just follow the same process)
  • On the left hand panel, select the “Validation” tab (this is the same place as where you set if a question is mandatory or not)

  • Set the validation so that the question is only valid if “it contains the exact value”, then below it set the toggle to either YES or NO accordingly (or to the relevant answer for your scenario) - Remember, you are selecting the answer that you want them to select in order to complete the form here., E.g. if they need to answer Yes in order to complete the form, set the toggle to Yes.

  • Enter the text that you would like to show if the user does not answer the question in the right way and tries to save the form


  • Once you have done this, your validation should look something like the below:

  • Remember to click Add Rule to save it

You will now see the rule appearing below the validation options:

  • To remove the rule, simply click on the dustbin icon