Attachments may be added to an event from the top of one of the forms being submitted as part of the event workflow steps. If this is an option you will see an +Attach a document option at the top of the form page.

They may also be requested as part of the form content itself:

Any document uploaded in this way will be saved within the event under the Attachments tab on the events table.

You can also attach additional documents to the event from here screen, by selecting the Add file option.

Here you can view any documents that have been uploaded, along with the workflow step/form that they were uploaded via (if the workflow/form column is blank then the document was uploaded directly into this Attachments tab on the event table).

You can download the document that has been uploaded by clicking into it from this table.

To delete an attachment, if it was uploaded as part of a form or workflow step question, you will need to go back to the respective step and remove it from the question itself. You can quickly navigate back to the workflow/form by clicking on the link in the attachments table.

If the document was uploaded directly into the Attachments tab, you can delete it from here by selecting icon to the right handside of the attachment. 


If you are unable to attach a document to an event you do not have the correct permissions to do so.