If you need to import a large number of actions in one go, this can be achieved using the Import Action Plan function. 

From the admin dashboard, select Import action plan

Select the location that the actions are associated with - you can only upload actions for a single location at a time. 

Next click on the Download Excel template link, to download a copy of the spreadsheet that you will use to import your actions. 

This template contains a single line of demo data to guide you in how to enter your information. Delete this and replace with your action details:

Enter the information as follows:

  • Description = enter the details of what the action is, what needs to be done. 
  • Assignee = who the action needs to be assigned to - the email address entered here must match the user's Radar email address
  • Due date = when will the action be due - the date format must be dd/mm/yyyy
  • Priority = Low, Medium or High
  • Tags = You can choose to tag actions if required (this is not mandatory). Simply enter the tag you would like to use, if this matches a tag already in Radar, it will use this tag, if it does not match a tag already in Radar, a new tag will be created. IF you want to have more than one tag against an action, simply separate the actions using the ~ symbol. For example, if we wanted to tag and action with both "CQC" and "Policies" we would enter CQC~Policies

Please see an example of a completed spreadsheet below:

Once you have completed the spreadsheet, in Radar, click Select Excel file and select your completed template spreadsheet:

Click Preview action plan to move to the next step in the upload process.

If you have any errors in your import, they will be highlighted to you on this screen - for example in our example, we have tried to assign two actions to a user that does not exist in Radar:

At this point none of the actions have been uploaded. The actions will not be uploaded until there are no errors in the upload spreadsheet.

To correct the errors, return to your spreadsheet and enter the correct details, e.g. replace the incorrect email address with a user who is in Radar. 

From the Action plan import screen, click back to the Details section to reupload the corrected spreadsheet:

If your upload has no errors, you will see a preview of the actions as they will appear in Radar:

If you are happy to proceed, click Import action plan at the top of the page.

You will now see a confirmation the actions have been successfully imported. From here you can either choose to view the action plan or import another action plan.

These actions will now be appearing on the Radar Action Plan.